BEST'S REVIEW Número 10 103 2003
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Número 10 103 2003



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Rites of passage : Australia and New Zealand are often viewed as the gateway to larger markets in Asia, but insurers have to overcome problems in those countries first
Going for the gold Pilla, David P. 24-27
Mixing and separating mold and myth : experts say it's hard to find scientific facts to support claims of some mold-related health hazards
CDC Investigates mold
Allergy vs. illness : the burden of proof
Mold delineated : insurance services office has introduced pilicy language on mold to help insurers limit exposure but retain underwriting flexibility
Commercial property coverage exclusions
Ready or not : although the post-Sept. 11 market appears to give weaker insurers a respite, they need to make action plans to fight for their survival
A new way of thinking : online technology is not just for administrative tasks anymore. Insurers are now beginning to use it form more complicated parts of their businesses
Unfathomable risks drive insurers to third parties
ERC : digitizing the claims process worldwide
Getting it all together Marie Suszynski Suszynski, Marie P. 34-35
Line drive : advocates of medical-liability reform legislation will take on federal and state lawmakers again
Quick cover : segregated-cell captives offer almost instant insurance solutions combined with lower costs, but experts say their legal structure hasn't truly been tested yet
Different rules in different homes
Tackling terrorism coverage : insight : a government backstop will have limited value since most claims likely will fall within net retentions in the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act
Property/Casualty marketplace
Insuring tangible property : insight : as trade secret theft becomes a greater risk, trade secret coverage becomes a bigger concern
Loss/Risk management notes
Staying up front : insight : the longer the hard market lasts, the harder we must work to keep the public informed
Vigilance rewarded : with better technology and more attention to suitability issues, the writers of life insurance and annuities appear less likely to face new class-action lawsuits
Variable annuity class-action fire still burns
Life-altering experience : the new mortality table for life products gives insurers the opportunity to develop more competitive products
Allure of voluntary benefits : insight : despite the risks, the insurance industry recognizes there is much opportunity in offering benefits at the workplace that employees can choose
Life/health marketplace
Suit yourself : insight : interest in life insurance is reviving, but insurers need to educate consumers so they can determine suitability of products for themselves
A hunt for treasure? : insight : data mining can give insurers a tool to view their business in a new way
Moving target : a more mobile work force and a drop in employer-provided benefits could enhance the market for individual disability-income insurance
Securing the system : in the wake of viruses, hackers and worms, insurers maintain constant guard over their computer systems
The enemy you know
Data blocker : insurers can adopt new technology tools to help them keep privacy data secure
Identity management