BEST'S REVIEW Número 3 104 2003
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Número 3 104 2003



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Best of both worlds : although many insurers are divesting lines of business to focus on core products, a few multiline insurers are sticking to their course and coming out ahead
Admitted assets, top life writers - 2002
Net premiums written, top property/casualty writers - 2002
Making contacts : nationwide's varied mix of products leads to greater customer satisfaction and retention
Divide and conquer : American International Group touts its strength in diversity
Triple punch : a broad spectrum of products, strong brand and disciplined management team contribute to Hartford Financial's success
Industry strategies : everythings counts : insurers may find that a holistic, collaborative approach to business helps ensure that all parts are working in harmony
Property/Casualty : a hole in the wall : soaring construction - defect litigation is shaking the foundation of the commercial general liability market - and residential contractors are getting hammered
Epidemic proportions : insurers are modeling the potential liability posed by infectious diseases
New infection prompts new risk management measures
Keeping the faith : as more mold complaints heve surfaced, bad-faith claims have been increasing as well
Working both sides of the house : a successful claims management organization will focus on efficiency and consistency for settling routine claims and on leveraging expertise for claims that are more complex
Getting the right value : insight : insurance to value is a fundamental tenet of good underwriting and should not be subject to changes in cycles
Property/Casualty marketplace
Making the deals : insight : amidst the merger and acquisition frenzy, many agencies believe the value of their businesses may never be higher
Loss/Risk Management notes
Assessing real risk : insight : realistic risk management requires more than traditional financial reporting and risk measurement techniques
Privacy matters : insight : congress continues to study ways to protect consumers financial information
Hitching a ride : by becoming part of the reinsurance arragement, life insurance producers can grow sales and long-term profits
Producer-owned reinsurance structural and financial checklist
Enterprise resilience : insight : companies must look beyond traditional risk management to fully protect the key components of their operations
Life/Health Marketplace
What makes stock sizzle? : insight : it's no secret some life insurance stocks have greater investor appeal than others
Calculating minds : using precise analytical measures, insurers can compare the costs and benefits of Business Process Integration, a new technology that promises to bring incompatible data systems together
Steering the course : insight : data-stewardship organizations assist insurers in navigating the high seas of data
Life/Health : tinkering with ERISA : congress may amend the decades-old law protecting retirement benefits to allow providers of 401(k) and other retirement plans to advise investors
Under separate cover : Internet risks have become so great that some insurers have taken them out of general liability policies and given them policies of their own
Movement builds for cyber-risk standards
Technology : instant connection : instant messaging is taking the business world by storm, and some insurers already are finding it improves productivity and reduces costs