BEST'S REVIEW Número 5 104 2003
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Número 5 104 2003



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Doing the right thing : insurers struggle endlessly to balance their commercial interests with their role in meeting basic social needs. What needs to happen for them to succeed?
Undue credit?
Coming of age : arbitration - the reinsurance industry's method of settling contract disputes - is no longer effective and needs an update
A glass half full : as the terrorism risk insurance act approaches its first anniversary, demand for terrorism insurance is low, but industry experts say the backstop is bringing capacity and stability to the marketplace
A TRIA Primer
Nuclear power plants benefit from TRIA
Reducing the risk
AIG and FM Global Actively sell terrorism insurance
A burning question : as the surburbs sprawl even farther, homeowners insurers are adding new factors into their underwriting consideration
Making the grade
When being close counts
"Do it yourself" evaluations
Critical transfer : brokers should advise self-insured clients to carve out organtransplant coverage to keep medical benefits costs healthy
The sarbanes-oxley solution : new corporate governance standards redefine directors and officers liability
How to limit the exposure of directors, officers and attorneys
Basic corporate obligations under item 307 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
What do these words mean?
No doubts : insurers that have formed mutual holding companies are finding value in their restructuring and say it's a decision they wouldn't change
Battling rising prices : increases in costs of key components in claims drive price indexes for the property/casualty industry's major business lines
Like the real thing : insight : insurers are testing the mettle of prospective agents and producers by putting them through evaluation simulations
Loss/Risk management notes
Focusing on value : insight : there is an optimal level of risk that maximizes a firm's shareholder value
writing for differences : insight : multilayered underwriting is a tremendous advantage to agents, insurers and policyholders
A price to pay : health plans are discovering accreditations bring the added responsibility of medical malpractice claims
What's the score? : insight : by using a distribution profit & loss statement, companies can ensure their management teams are using the same rules to keep score
Life/Health marketplace
Concentration of risk : insight : direct writers of group insurance could gain competitive advantages from better understanding the risks of disasters where they can cause the most harm
A business leader in technologist's clothing : Barbara Piehler focuses a career of life insurance management experience into building new technology at Northwestern Mutual
Reaching out : insurers need to match technology with agent's needs
Translating the vision
One or the orther or both : in the battle between J2EE and .NET, insurers must determine which platform best fits their needs
E-fusion agenda
Staying competitive : insight : business process outsourcing is helping insurers drive value for core processes
Return policy : sales of variable universal life insurance have been down for more than two years. A healthier stock market and new product guarantees may mean a rebound
Ordinary life average policy size and lapse ratios, top writers 2002
Total life in force, top life writers 2002
Total life issued, top life writers 2002
Group life in force, top life writers 2002
Group life issued, top life writers 2002
Term life in force, top life writers 2002
To a future of good health : health plans are learning that predictive modeling, a mainstay of property/casualty insurance, can help them set more accurate rates and lower costs
Early intervention reaps good results for highmark
Pay as you go : utility computing helps insurers reduce costs by paying only for the services they need when they need them
The ways to pay