BEST'S REVIEW Número 11 104 2004
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Número 11 104 2004



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Life at a Crossroads : the life insurance industry, beset by long-standing problems, looks for solutions and new opportunities
Channel surfing : the search for the most effective means of distribution is taking life and annuity insurers in myriad directions
Advancing the agenda : under ACLI's keating, life insurers are looking for big changes on Capitol Hill
Building a better mousetrap : product enhancements, including guaranteed benefits or rates, and education about immediate annuities point to increased sales
The changing world of life products
Tackling call blockers : a decline in sales rates traced to the new Do Not Call law is expected to continue for at least a year for companies depending on the pre-existing business relationship exemption
Revided telemarketing sales rule provisions
A whole new world : as U.S. companies increase international investing, political risk insurers take advantage of new coverages and new markets
Political risk insurance defined
What producers want : few agencies contract with only one or two carriers. A recent survey sheds light on the reasons for this practice and on how carriers can gain an advantage over competitors
Expansion plans : brokers with a solid client base of small businesses may find health a natural extension
Easy pass : recent trends in competition and carrier contracts have blurred the distinction between captive/career and independent agents
Beat the spread : workers' compensation results will produce a wide berth between winners and losers. Here are 10 steps to take to be on the right side
Into the future : insight : as the year unfolds, many potential sources of loss loom on the horizon
Property/Casualty Marketplace
The numbers game : insight : can insurers learn anything useful from baseball? Absolutely
Loss/Risk Management notes
Fighting back : insight : if insurers and corporations act now, they may stem the plague of silica and mixed-dust claims
Big, better, best? Green, Meg P. 78-83
A matter of time : exceptions made to preferred pricing may present life insurers with an unwelcome surprise : poor underwriting results
Life/Health marketplace
Consumers driving change : insight : consumer-directed health plans are here to stay and are growing into a major force in the industry. Insurers must act now to capitalize on the wave of change
Reaching the uninsured : insight : uncomplicated limited-benefit plans can provide basic, straightforward coverage to workers with low-to-moderate incomes
Making IT's "To-Do" list : adequate resources are a growing concern
Enabling profitable growth : insight : agent portals need to help agents grow as well as lower operating costs
Applying the brakes : the march to conversion and consolidation by Blues plans has slowed considerably, and some are finding solace in remaining a nonprofit
On speaking terms : the Kinnect platform, wich allows trading partners' existing systems to communicate with each other, made its firts connection this year, and anticipates many more
Unwelcome guests : although anti-virus software, firewalls and other protective measures are helping companies protect against computer-related attacks, some insurers believe security is an even greater concern to companies today