BEST'S REVIEW Número 4 99 1998
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Número 4 99 1998



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Building a global platform : to follow in his footsteps, AIG Chairman Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg advises insurers to be patient, tenacious and above all, put underwriting first
Sharing the risk : the interstate battle for alternative market business grows more heated with new laws aimed at recruiting a mix of new captives and self-insurance arrangements
Operating Room Aqueezed : malpractice failures, poor returns spur some insurers to retreat from aggressive pricing, while others forge ahead
The world is watching : U.S. commitments to the World Trade Organization should have profound effects on the world's insurance community-if state regulators take them to heart
Poking holes in the umbrella : despite the hubbub over one-stop shopping for financial service, leading global reinsurers are still preaching the virtues of specialization
By-line, by-state results : study: state by state ranking of top P/C insurers. A look at who has made the most gains and who lost the most ground in 1997
End of an Era? : special report excerpt : corporate restructuring via demutualization or conversion to a mutual holding company may add to the bottom line, but only if sound fundamentals are in place
Stopping the loss reinsurance strategy : for some insurers, stop-loss reinsurance coverage is turning into their "core" reinsurance
Straight-ThroughShooter : analyst Gary Craft believes insurers who succeed in the new technology frontier will be those who reinvent the information chain