BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 111 Número 10 - 2011
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Tomo 111 Número 10 - 2011



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You've been served Panko, Ron
Emptying the file cabinet Chordas, Lori
Snow covered : winter-resort insurance is a steep downhill course for even the best program writers Green, Meg
Program pioneers : the Brwonyard Group's security guard program remains a linchpin in the firm's success Slavin, Al
New math : rules on medical loss ratios are changing how medical costs are calculated Lysiak, Fran Matso
Savings in a bottle : generic pharmaceuticals resulted in nearly $140 billion in savings to the U.S. health care system in 2009 Chordas, Lori
Reaching the top : US life insurers find a key to wealthy clients in the brokerage channel Lysiak, Fran Matso
Foreign partners : mutuals eye overseas markets as a key financial strategy in an increasingly global economy Slavin, Al
Life products for tomorrow : consumer needs have changed and the life insurance industry has struggled to adapt MacDonald, Robert W.
Too much infor is dangerous . cyberliability exposures are plentiful in the information age Thompson, Gary
Working it out : EMC is marking 100 years of providing workers' compensation and other commercial coverages Ostermiller, Marilyn
Baby, it's still cold outside : when it comes to protecting your home, now is not the time to hibernate Spencer, Scott
Taking a position : as hiring pressure builds, creative approaches may suit independent agencies Slavin, Al
Tower of Babble : too much industry jargon can turn messages into mush Batistoni, Dianne
Building the cutting-edge insurance product development pipeline : how successful insurers remain focused on developing new products and matching them to appropriate chanels
Finding the money : advisers can offer several strategies to individual who have trouble funding their retirement accounts Fishbein, Robert
Small wonder : microinsurance products must be adapted to the needs and cultural backgrounds of four billion prospective clients Lai, Iris
Bloggers beware : a cyberspace firm has begun suing web posters for copyright infringement Bagdassarian, Narine
Changing the channel : agents and carriers need to embrance the new technology of selling and distributing insurance products Petersmark, Frank
Value proposition : insurers turn to advanced analytics to determine customer value Hughes, Peter
Getting together : can wikis and private virtual worlds create better relationships between insurers and customer? Gupta, Mayank
Changing risks for fleets and commercial transportation
Full capacity : global brokers urge reinsurers to deploy their abundant capital, but the companies appear to be cautious Panko, Ron p. 52-53