BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 112 Número 10 - 2012
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Tomo 112 Número 10 - 2012



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U.S Surplus lines p. 19
A New era for surplus lines Goch, Lynna
NRRA, finding a solution Mulhern, John
Lead time : Western Heritage's new president sets course to dominate the garage liabilty sector Gorski, Dennis
Power to the people Chordas, Lori
The Emotional and the technical : indutry players explain why indexed annuities are appealing in the difficult economy Panko, Ron
Insurance in an age of austerity Stein, Robert p. 34
What agents want Chordas, Lori
Not your father's claims system Burkhart, Kennen
My generation : as baby-boomer agents retire, young producers are bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the insurance business Panko, Ron
Liten to this... : clients often speak loudest without even saying a word Batistoni, Dianne
Solvency II : insurers are facing regulatory challenges around the globe
The Storm before the calm : a short-term increase in regulatory claims may lead to more stable FI/D&O risks Kirk, Edward
World of trouble : D&O insurers strive to stay ahead of emerging risks from Europe, the Middle East and Asia London, Marc p. 52-54
Court 'unlikes' claim of Facebook privacy Cortland, Andrea
Multiple choice : diversity in management is a powerful tool in the marketplace O'Brien, Patrick M.
Never stop learning : the value of underwriters depends upon their ability to exercise knowledge and judgment, and to increase both every day Ewing, Lance
Under cover : do homeowners policies protect against liability from fracking operations? Clarke, Thomas H.
Programmed for success Thompson, Gary
Big decisions : duties to defend and indemnify have been narrowed and broadened by recent New Jersey Supreme Court rulings Tellner, Christopher J.
A.M. Best gives stable outlook for four of five rated market sectors