BEST'S REVIEW Volumen 117 Número 12 - abril 2017
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Volumen 117 Número 12 - abril 2017



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Emerging risks : insurance professionals' views about risk management issues and the gig and sharing economies p. 14-15
Exploting artificial intelligence Panning, Bill p. 16
Reading assignment Ewing, Lance p. 17
People analytics : data analytics is helping insurers trasnform human resources management Koontz, Katherine p. 18
Devil in the details : potential tax reform could have more of an impact on the future profability of insurers and reinsurers Mills, Howard p. 19
Consumer's choice : [interview to] Dan Young, senior managing director of Vida Capital Green, Meg p. 28
Making adjustments : the run-up in stock prices and the prospects for higher interest rates are drawing attention to investment strategies for equities Dobbyn, Tim p. 30-32
In Demand : sales of hybrid life policies surge as insurers seek to fill the void left by a shrinking long-term care market Roberts, Jeff p. 34-38
Group (Re) Think : [interview to] Chris Wei, executive chairman at Aviva Asia Calucag, Ernesto p. 39-40
Captives' progress : [interview to] Jose Ribeiro, managing director of Asia-Pacific Calucag, Ernesto p. 42
The New Economy : the sharing economy has redefined the way people work and use assets Smith, Kate p. 44-46
Insurance a slice of time : a brand new product concepto covers on-semand workers only for the period of time they are working Smith, Kate p. 47
Room for improvement : home-sharing insurance solutions are just beginning to take shape Smith, Kate p. 48-50
Changing drivers : on-demand transportation will be switching auto insurers' business models form the two-pronged personal and commercial models to new blended products Roberts, Jeff p. 54-58
The Gig is not up : do we need a new worker classification? Chordas, Lori p. 56-59
A Changing marketplace : independent contractors will need a variety of insurance coverages Chordas, Lori p. 60-64
Crowd control : peer-to-peer insurance Rigby, Bill p. 66-69
Take the final steps : enterprise data ia a valuable asset Jenkins, Bill p. 70-72