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Título: Global issues'98

Notas: Sumario: The world of international business may be melding at a good pace, but the insurance industry is going global even faster. Whether it's U.S. companies reaching new life markets in the Far East and Latin America, European insurers driving across borders to compete on one another's highway, or Caribbean-based companies going from startup to global powerhouses in a decade, the speed of change is becoming dizzying. The inside of this special: taking title -- The changing face of Lloyd's -- A confluence of opportunities in Italy -- France moves forward -- Monitoring through Europe -- Canada: the fleeing is mutual -- Captives unbound -- Bermuda: the fourth wave -- Barbardos broadens its base -- Foreign insurers venture to Lantin America -- Negotiating the Asian precipice -- Asia's rough road to recovery -- Australia and New Zeland: gateway to Asia -- Japan: tsunami or ripple -- South Korea: liquidity dominoes -- Investing: climbing the overseas learning curve

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