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Número 1 105 2004



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rMoving IT forward : insurers new business/technology partnership drive information technology investments
Securing today, securing tomorrow
Best's Review technology survey results
Industry strategies : open for business : ever so slowly, China's market takes shape as regulatory rules solidify
Hong Kong : is it a gateway to China?
Defensive moves : assessing whether to try os settle a bad faith lawsuit involves many factors with much at stake for various parties
A balancing act : attaining the correct loss reserve level requires knowing how much to save today to pay claims in the future
The Actuary's Role
End of a tradition : Lloyd's plan to move to U.K. GAAP and then to International Accounting Standards promises to bring transparency to a traditional market that is now dominated by corporate interests
Accelerated growth : competition among companies vying fo a piece of the private-passenger auto market is heating up
A welcome reprieve : auto rates are leveling out as claims volume shrinks
Clarifying claims : independent, public and staff do insurers really need all these adjusters?
independent adjusters - a little help from your friends
Constructing a case - How a public adjuster works
Protecting the stone : Jewelers Mutual Insurance finds a gem in tough security measures
Priced to sell : some well-capitalized physicianowned mutuals keep competitors at bay with aggressive pricing strategies
Property/Casualty Marketplace
An untapped resource : insight : risk management services provided through employment practices liability insurance can head off employee lawsuits
Loss/Risk Management Notes
A ruling in the cards : insight : an insurer's duty to defend can be stretched only so far
Learning on the job : insight : education and dedication to sound underwriting will foster success in hard and soft market conditions
Money-back guarantee : variable-annuity writers have rejuvenated their products by protecting buyers from the dark side of the markets
VAs with Guarantees vs. Index products : competitors or apples and oranges?
Unusual suspects : companies best known for selling stocks or issuing credit cards are making inroads into the life insurance marketplace through selling and manufacturing life and annuity products
Life/Health Marketplace
Sizing up : insight : managers need to measure costs and revenue to gauge the importance of size and scale in distribution
U-Shaped curves : insight : teleunderwriting's many advantages can be undermined if underwriters consistently overstep prudent boundaries
Packing the portfolio : insight : portfolio management allows IT operations to be measured from a business process-centric perspective
Selling the stream : life insurers are raising new capital by selling projected cash flows as an investment package
Outside opinion : with greater accountability being demanded in the business world, independent underwriting auditors can help life insurers find problems and pass scrutiny
Shopping around : offers life insurers and reinsurers an inline merketplace for facultative reinsurance