BEST'S REVIEW Número 4 105 2004
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Número 4 105 2004



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Jump start for sales : insurers can use these six steps to boost sales and promote profitability and growth
Making producers happy : insight : introducing teleunderwriting can drop cycle time by as much as 300%
A strategic move : insight : advisory boards can assist agents in running their businesses
Ties that bind : insight : in this market, brokers should not be selling products, but meeting clients' needs
Blurring the line : group and individual disability insurers are learning from each other's business. The result? They're writing more profitable products
Rx for costs : health insurers are finding generic over-the counter and mail-order drugs are the right prescription to help reduce the nation's soaring prescription drug costs
Ready to roll : in the next 10 years, baby boomers will accumulate huge retirement nest eggs and their draw on Social Security may spur the privatization of that American institution. are insurers prepared to take advantage of these business opportunit...
Measure twice, cut once : insight : cutting salespeople may save money today, but cost insurers much more tomorrow
Calculating confidence : stochastic pricing methods provide more complete information about life settlement risks and returns
The long arm of Liberty Mutual : Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos. has been a leader in workers' compensation almost as long as employers have been required to buy it to protect their employees. But many industry watchers would be surprised to know that wo...
Property/Casualty marketplace
On the mend : insurers and employers wait for workers' compensation reform in California to reduce their costs
Loss/Risk management notes
Just the facts on FACTA : a new law reauthorizing preemptions in the Fair Credit Reporting Act makes changes, including some about information sharing
A new generation : North Dakota's 34 year-old insurance commissioner speaks out on industry's treatment of active soldiers
20 road to renewal : insurers size up reinsurers in a different way at each of three fall gatherings that culminate in new annual pricing agreements
Top global reinsurance groups
Peering over the precipice : from a valley of near death, reinsurers have clawed their way to another cycle summit. What happens next?
Border crossing : technology may help insurers use the expansion of the European Union to their advantage
Leveraging information : insight : enerprise data strategies and data road maps help manage corporate data assets
Retooling communication : insurers are expected to adopt Web services to connect with business partners more efficiently
Out with the old : insight : with its widespread use, credit scoring no longer delivers a competitive edge