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Número 6 105 2004



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A new measuring stick
Forging new branding irons : life insurers are trying different approaches to capture the attention of agents, brokers and even consumers
Elephant in the living room : insight : you can't sell life insurance without talking about death, but many boomers -and agents- seem to think death is optional, and would rather talk about mutual funds
Turning the table : the 2001 mortality table promises to spawn new life product designs
A fresh approach : insight : the life industry is looking at ways to improve the assessment of mortality risk in elderly applicants
Life marketplace
O Canada! : the Canadian auto market has undergone some turmoil in recent years, but industry leaders are hopeful that new regulations will help return the market to profitability
Top Auto Writers, Canada 2003
Top Auto Writers, United States 2003
Charley runs up big tab in Florida
The numbers count : whatever the assignment, forensic accountants are always on the lookout for fraud
Loss/Risk Management notes
A better grip : technology can help insurers turn undeveloped distribution processes into tools to help boost sales
Breaking the code : insight : to grow business profitably over the long term, agents have to change the way thay look at their business
House of cards : seniors aren't grabbing up Medicare drug discount cards as enthusiastically as expected, but card sponsors, who are still seeing significant savings, think they know why
A three-pronged solution : insight : it takes management commitment, error evaluation and mobilization of new technologies to control rating error
Property/Casualty marketplace
Hot buttons : candidates' opposing views on key issues mean high stakes for insurers in the 2004 election
Outside influences : state elections may bring fresh faces to the NAIC and impact insurers on a range of issues from reforming "judicial hellholes" to abolishing state insurance funds
A question of coverage : insight : California clarifies the ability of corporations to obtain coverage from policies issued to predecessor corporations
2004 rendez-vous de septembre : international flavor increases at the annual gathering of insurers and reinsurers at Monte Carlo
Still recovering : life insurers' portfolio net drops for the third consecutive year. Asset distribution, Top US Life Writers 2003
Following the market : improved equity market performance boosts property/casualty company assets. Asset distribution, Top US P/C Writers 2003
Claiming the future : technological gizmos can help insurers reduce claim costs and retain customers
At your command : technology is the lifeblood of auto insurers concierge services -a claims tool that keeps customers happy while cutting costs
Fire screen : new tools give insurers better information for underwriting areas prone to brush and forest fires
Fighting fraud with technology : insight : carriers need to equip themselves with integrated tools and technologies to ward off fraud