ASIA INSURANCE REVIEW Número 12 - diciembre 2012
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Publicacion: Asia insurance review

Número 12 - diciembre 2012



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Taiwan FSC : Striking a delicate balance Ang, Benjamin
Size matters in CAT space : interview to Ed Noonan, Chairman & CEO of Validus Holdings Contreras, Manuelita
The Party has just begun : interview to Nathan Parnaby, CEO, Asia & Emerging Markets Ang, Benjamin
Building robust models for Asia Mei-Hwen, Wong
Sri Lankas trusted reinsurance partner John, Jimmy
Market primed for take off John, Jimmy
Looking forward to life? Steeples, Maria
Transforming East Asi's insurance industry : a case for an insurance world that pulls Contreras, Manuelita
Hashing out EAIC Contreras, Manuelita
Ageing of the European population and its effects on financial markets Pfister, Bruno p. 56-57
Ageing Asian population pushes a greater role for insurance Abbas, Ridwan
The New exposure area for construction professionals an their insurers in Hong Kong? Perry, Patrick
D&O Feature : D&O risks in Asia on the rise Wood, Murray
Securing the existence of small- and medium-sized businesses Diedrich, Christian
China insurance investment channels expands Ding, Wendy
Insuring leadership with Smarter Analytics Aguas, Primo B.
Risk appetite for reinsurance optimisation Maneval, David
Global regulatory dynamics : Opportunities or challenges for Asian insurers? Yeung, Clarence
Is Malaysia ready for tomorrow?
Is Indonesia riding the waves of change to transform the industry? Contreras, Manuelita
Is China privatisation policy spelling big boom? Ang, Benjamin
Marine Update : Marine insurance continues to underpin global trade in a changing risk environment Wikborg, Ole
Hurricane Sandy may cost up to US$25 bln p. 42