BEST'S REVIEW Volumen 118 Número 3 - julio 2017
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Volumen 118 Número 3 - julio 2017


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Plugging the leak Stephenson, Scott p. 18
Experience needed Roche, Jack p. 19
Keeping out of the storm Moliner, Grégory p. 20
Déjà vu...again Mills, Howard p. 21
Taking on risk Dobbyn, Tim p. 22-27
An Eye on market drivers Pilla, David p. 28
Change of venue McCartney, William H. p. 30-31
The Threat is real Roberts, Jeff p. 32-38
Survival of the techest Roberts, Jeff p. 40-46
Looking for the new kids Chordas, Lori p. 47-50
Young and happy Smith, Kate p. 52-57
Invisible workforce Smith, Kate p. 58-60
The Leaders p. 61-84