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Documentos electrónicos Documentos electrónicos Global inventory of regional and national qualifications frameworks 2019 (2019)

Colección: Documentos electrónicos

Título: Global inventory of regional and national qualifications frameworks 2019

Publicación: Luxembourg [etc.] : Publications Office of the European Union : European Training Foundation : United Nations, Scientific and Cultural Organisation : UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, 2019

Descripción física: 96 p.

Notas: Sumario: This fourth edition of the Global Inventory of Regional and National Qualifications Frameworks arrives at a crucial moment in the relatively short history of qualifications frameworks as tools within the wider reforms of education and training systems. Numbers of frameworks, national and regional, remain stable, while implementation of most frameworks has deepened and widened since 2017. At the same time, frameworks are evolving in a context of ever-faster technological, social and economic changes. These include intensified globalisation and internationalisation of labour markets, the advance of digital technologies, and migration. Much of this change has a direct bearing on the purposes and function of frameworks, notably the search for systems which compare skills and qualifications internationally, the emergence of digital credentials, and the development of methods and tools to recognise the skills of migrants and refugees, especially where those skills are undocumented or not formally certificated.

Otras clasificaciones: 922.3

Números normalizados: ISBN 978-92-9157-707-1