High-rise building fires

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Documentos eletrônicos Documentos eletrônicos High-rise building fires (2011) - Hall, John R.

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Título: High-rise building fires / John R. Hall

Publicação: Quincy : National Fire Protection Association, Fire Analysis and Research Division, 2011

Notas: Sumario: In 2005-2009, there were an average of 15,700 reported structure fires in high-rise buildings per year and associated losses of 53 civilian deaths, 546 civilian injuries, and $235 million in direct property damage per year. Four property classes account for roughly half of high-rise fires: office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, and facilities that care for the sick. Automatic fire protection equipment and fire-resistive construction are more common in high-rise buildings that have fires than in other buildings of the same property use that have fires. The risks of fire, fire death, and direct property damage due to fire tend to be lower in high-rise buildings than in shorter buildings of the same property use

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