Supporting the region's growth opportunities

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Artigos Artigos Supporting the region's growth opportunities - Lum, Michael

Coleção: Artigos

Título: Supporting the region's growth opportunities / Michael Lum, Emma Whiteacre

Autor: Lum, Michael Icono con lupa

Notas: Sumario: Infrastructure development across Asia will remain a major focus of global capital over the next five years, despite the slowdown in the pace of China's economic transformation. Beazley expects the current trends driving economic activity in the region to continue and, in many cases, to intensify, but current infrastructure bottlenecks represent a key challenge. As a political risk and trade credit insurer, it can play a part in helping to support the deployment of capital to economically productive investment projects. Mr Michael Lum and Ms Emma Whiteacre elaborate.

Autores secundários: Whiteacre, Emma Icono con lupa

Outras classificações: 327.1

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