Best's Review. Julio 2019

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Artigos Artigos Best's Review. Julio 2019

Coleção: Artigos

Título: Best's Review. Julio 2019

Descrição física: 92 p.

Notas: Sumario: Timothy Darragh: New Jersey Supreme Court Bars STOLI Policies -- Robert O'Connor: UK Group Warns of Emerging Risks in More Volatile World' -- Robert O'Connor: Capgemini: Fintech Sector On Verge of Collaboration Phase -- Dick Lavey: The Balancing Act -- Pat Saporito: Fight Fire With Fire -- Specialty coverage: 1. A Pro with Amateur Sports 2. Playing to Win 3. Specialized Expertise -- John Weber: Stepping outside -- The Leaders: The Next Chapter; A Perfect Storm; Top Global; Insurance Brokers; Standing the Test of Time; Top 200 U.S. P/C Writers; Top 200 U.S. L/H Insurers; Top 75 North American Public Insurers (Ranked by assets); (Ranked by revenue); World's Largest Insurers
(Ranked by net non-banking assets) (Ranked by net premiums written); Top 25 U.S. Holding Companies

Materia / geográfico / evento: Mercado de seguros Icono con lupa
Gerencia de riesgos Icono con lupa
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