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Artigos Artigos Portfolio insurance strategies for a target annuitization fund - Xu, Mengyi

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Título: Portfolio insurance strategies for a target annuitization fund / Mengyi Xu, Michael Sherris, Adam W. Shao

Autor: Xu, Mengyi Icono con lupa

Notas: Sumario: The transition from defined benefit to defined contribution (DC) pension schemes has increased the interest in target annuitization funds that aim to fund a minimum level of retirement income. Prior literature has studied the optimal investment strategies for DC funds that provide minimum guarantees, but far less attention has been given to portfolio insurance strategies for DC pension funds focusing on retirement income targets. We evaluate the performance of option-based and constant proportion portfolio insurance strategies for a DC fund that targets a minimum level of infiation-protected annuity income at retirement. We show how the portfolio allocation to an equity fund varies depending on the member's age upon joining the fund, displaying a downward trend through time for members joining the fund before ages in the mid-30s. We demonstrate how both portfolio insurance strategies provide strong protection against downside equity risk in financing a minimum level of retirement income. The option-based strategy generally leads to higher accumulated savings at retirement, whereas the constant proportion strategy provides better downside risk protection robust to equity market jumps/volatilities.

Autores secundários: Sherris, Michael Icono con lupa
Shao, A.W. Icono con lupa

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