BEST'S REVIEW Número 12 104 2004
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Número 12 104 2004



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Improving the odds : sucurity is on the minds of risk managers as they look for ways to minimize the risk to their physical operations and computer systems. Many are improving their insurance programs by tightening all aspects of security
Rising from the rubble
RIMS survey shows a moving target
Risky business : health-care risk managers are focusing more on the business side of organizations and assuming more responsibility for insurance
Seller beware : insurance agencies that put themselves up for sale must understand the differences between being acquired by a bank, a publicly traded producer or another privately held agency
Damage control : quick responses by restoration forms can reduce the number of expensive claims
Steps to recovery
Centrally located : as consumers demand more services from auto dealers, insurers can become the key link in the new value chain
Survival techniques : insurance trades are reassessing and sometimes reshaping their presence in the industry in order to stay alive
Insurance trade associations
One for all : a Customer Interaction Center, coupled with a smart customer strategy, provides insurance companies with improved service, streamlined operational efficiencies and higher revenues
Learning from litigation : a directors and officers insurance expert cites more partnering between insurers and clients and shorter-term policies as among the changes necessary to excel in the current litigious environment
The power of the Plan : with a plan in place, insurers, thrird-party administrators and independent adjusters can generate a rapid response to disasters
Drive-by rates : can pay-as-you-drive insurance attract good risks and gain insurers an environmentally responsible image?
Tracking the changes : insight : rating errors in personal auto lines cost the property/casualty industry nearly $14 billion each year
The best defense : insight : insurers should work with clients to reduce risks of sexual harassment claims
A winning approach : insight : communication, appreciation and support in the work environment clearly are important to agency employees
Insurers in waiting : most insurers are biding their time as the new life insurance mortality table wends its way through the approval process, one state at a time. But when adoption reaches the magic number of 26 states - watch out
Fraternal face-off : thrivent financial for lutherans the largest fraternal benefit society in the United States, doesn't turn the other cheek when it comes to former agents allegedly violating noncompete agreements
Good governance a priority : insight : achieving effective corporate governance requires ceding real power to the board
Measuring success : insight : to effectively manage sales, insurers first must be able to measure their success
Scale and Scope : insight : thoughtful analyses of the industry indicate that the advantages of scale and scope economies are elusive and create minimal value
Looking for funds : variable-annuity writers consider their subaccounts to be the all-star team of the mutual-fund world, and they look carefully at performance, management and consistency to keep only the top players
Brand-name or in-house?
Hitting potential hot spots : insurers are incorporating catastrophe modeling in underwriting individual risks
Mapping the frequent storms
Rising from the ashes
Discovering cards : health insurers see magnetic-stripe and smart cards as the answer to high administrative costs and consumer satisfaction