BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 111 Número 6 - 2010
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Tomo 111 Número 6 - 2010



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What's driving auto?
Headed the right way Panko, Ron
Thinking outside the box Slavin, Al
Top auto writers : US-Canada commercial and private passenger insurer rankings p. 34-45
A New approach Slavin, Al
On the Rise : the hard-hit UK auto sector rates go up O'Connor, Robert
Driving home the message Chordas, Lori
Collision course : auto insurers are playing catch-up with a rapidly changing car-repair market Horn, Greg
Issues & answers : insurance technology
Creating an affinity Chordas, Lori
Filling a need : health care reform includes some oral health provisions that could boost business for agents and brokers Chordas, Lori
Coming of age Green, Meg
Looking ahead : vision insurance sales remain stagnant, but will national reform increase accessibility to this low-cost benefit? Chordas, Lori
Overseas challenges : new laws add responsabilities to directors and officers and enable private-party collective actions Panko, Ron
Uncertain times : unsure of state tax levels for this year and next, estate planners have turned to unconventional strategies Panko, Ron
U.S. asset distribution : life-health insurers : ranking by 2009 total admitted assets p. 119
U.S. asset distribution : property-casualty insurers : ranking by 2009 total admitted assets p. 101
State of the captive insurance market
Surviving the plunge : the struggles of the construction sector are being felt in the surplus lines market Slavin, Al
Looking ahead : the leader of the National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices discusses the challenges facing this segment of th insurance market Slavin, Al
A Changing environment : a panel looks at the impact of anticipated changes in workers' comp and finding new ways to better identify risk and control losses
Crisis management and risk mapping
Rules of the road : insurers are finding useful tools to navigate the social media highway Costonis, Michael A.
Table for [just] two : your small-business clients should come o you first in case of an emergency Stacy, Kelly J.
A Larger gray area : aging population and weak economy increase the need for product innovation Hoeg, Gregory J.
The Decline od diversification : a time-honored protective strategy has become less effective Panning, William H.
Dog day, continued : life insurers feel the heat as consumer spending, equity markets and interest rates move against them Stein, Robert
Without question, the answer is yes : many attorneys want fair settlements but think negotiating means surrendering Rutkin, Alan
Good tech strategy : an effective IT integration can mean the difference between mediocrity and greatness Coyne, Frank J.