BEST'S REVIEW Tomo 112 Número 1 - 2011
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Tomo 112 Número 1 - 2011



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Period of adjustment : a Best's Review survey identifies the challenges independent insurance adjusters face in a tough economy Panko, Ron
So they claimed : electronics and jewelry topped the index of highest-value U.S. contents claims in 2010 Gorski, Dennis
Filling a void : property/casualty insurers need to hire and train the next generation of adjusters Mahoney, Mike
Making change : transforming claims systems can help insurers retain customers Meyer, Tom
Work records : advanced analytics can help workers' compensation writers to become proactive about claims Arhab, Amel
Raising standards : U.S. commercial and residential building codes need to be upgraded Edwards, Wanda
Self serve : carriers, brokers and employers are automating employee benefits administration to relieve the burden of manual, paper-based processes Chordas, Lori
Generating interest : this specialty underwriter targets the market for distressed community banks Slavin, Al
Siren's E-Song : personal information about applicants from social media sites raises concerns in the underwriting process George, Hank
Life in the fast lane : life insurers use new tech tools to find customers and to leverage their existing client base Panko, Ron
Turning 10 : Bermuda's Class of 2001 has impacted the market in the past decade Green, Meg
Networking vs. prospecting : the difference between these approaches is a valuable one Dempsey, Kay I.
Technological transformation : insurers need to adpt to "consumerization" of information technological
Putting the 'E' in ECM : many carriers are consolidating their multiple enterprise content management systems to achieve efficiency and cost savings Chordas, Lori
The Enemy within : as regulatory pressure builds on data breach exposure, compaies need to be aware of an internal threat Slavin, Al
Battle lines : the 'war risk' exclusion has become inclusive of many types of unrest Rutkin, Alan
The Driver's seat : transparency and flexibility remain key factors in customizing a risk financing program Thompson, Gary
Going from rags to ruins : many remodeling haards can turn home improvements into losses Spencer, Scott
Under written : professional lines insurance presents a growing opportunity for independent agents Merritt, Gerald T.
Sold on cross-selling : agencies cand find success by mining monoline accounts for sales leads Alvarado, Marie