Lifestyle Medicine Assessment

Getting to know yourself will help you to take care of yourself

Getting to know yourself will help you to take care of yourself

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Did you know that there are actions and habits that seem unimportant but that can have consequences for your health? We want you to know if your lifestyle habits are healthy or not, so that you have the opportunity to modify them and, by doing so, improve your health. By taking a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire you will find out if your lifestyle is healthy and where you can still improve.

Start by getting to know yourself; this will allow you to improve. Being aware will help you make appropriate health choices that will help you live better and longer.

Did you know that if you are obese and lose weight, you can live up to 4.2 years longer?

Source: Krishnan Bhaskaran, et al. Association of BMI with overall and cause-specific mortality: a population-based cohort study of 3·6 million adults in the UK. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2018; 6:944-53

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