Psychological support in the hardest times

Free telephone and online service for relatives of those who died from COVID-19

Free telephone and online service for relatives of those who died from COVID-19 Free telephone and online service for relatives of those who died from COVID-19

Losing a loved one, not being able to be by his or her side or say goodbye, mourning alone without the affection of friends and family. Perhaps you've been in this situation if one of your relatives has died of coronavirus. You are trying to overcome the impact and have managed to keep up with your daily routines during the State of Alert. One day this will be over and as we return to the "new normality" you may realize that the extraordinary situation in which you have suffered your loss has not allowed you to grieve.

Experts have already alerted about the pathologies that can arise if grieving is blocked. The depression and stress produced by the loss is aggravated by the confinement.

If you're in this situation, if you think you need professional help, call us. We offer a free telephone online psychological service to relieve the relatives of the deceased in these difficult times. Experts from Grupo Luria Psicología offer support to guide you through your grief so you can feel and express all the emotions relating to your loss. Psychologists will provide you with a space of intimacy, a supporting voice and someone to be by your side.

It is important for experts to know how each person lives this emotional burden in order to help them seek relief and to make them understand that, although difficult, mourning is a necessary and natural process. Users of this service will first receive a personalized assessment to select the most appropriate specialist according to the personality, age, sex and other personal circumstances of the affected person. Then he or she will be offered an appointment as soon as possible, either by telephone or online, in sessions lasting at least 45 minutes. Each person is offered the help needed in each particular case.

The service is provided through the telephone number 91 310 14 55, and a timetable of 9 am to 9 pm, from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays, from 10 am to 2 pm.

This Fundación MAPFRE initiative has been launched in collaboration with experts from Grupo Luria Psicología and the help of the National Association of Funeral Services (PANASEF), and aims to reach all those who have lost a member of their family.

Right now, more than ever, we want to be by your side.

Staying with you. Taking care of you.