We support the health system in Brazil

Actions to fight against COVID-19

Actions to fight against COVID-19 Actions to fight against COVID-19

For a country with so many inhabitants as Brazil, the COVID-19 is a great threat and that has driven us to carry out several actions to contain the pandemic.

Our objective is to alleviate the consequences of the health crisis in this country and to do so, we are supporting the health professionals providing them with medical equipment and protective material, keeping the elderly company and protecting those most vulnerable.

To provide our hospitals with better means, we have provided material to the Estadio Pacaembu field hospital in São Paulo, reinforcing its assistance capacity with ten Intensive Care Units. This center, managed by the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, has been put together in record timing, in order to give the inhabitants of this great city the adequate treatment for COVID-19.

We have also donated beds to UPA Campo Limpo, in São Paulo, for patients with respiratory failure. This donation consists of forty beds for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) including mechanical ventilators, multi-parameter monitors and pumps.

We have also supplied ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds for the field hospital that Fiocruz has set up in Rio de Janeiro. Each station includes an electric bed and a multi-parameter monitor. In addition, with this same organization, we are equipping a laboratory boat, which will remain in operation after the pandemic, to carry out diagnostic tests and speed up the examination and confirmation of the disease in the riverside communities along the Amazon River, an area at high risk and with a high incidence of COVID-19.

In collaboration with the Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Minas Gerais (FIEMG), in Minas Gerais, a field hospital has been set up to care for COVID-19 patients. We have provided this facility with ten beds for the Intensive Care Unit and ten nursing beds. In addition, with this organization we support the development project of the low-cost mechanical respirator - INSPIRE Poli / USP Project which is carried out by the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo.

We know that to face the coronavirus protection material is essential. Unfortunately, due to the enormous worldwide demand, there is not always protection material available to the medical teams. At Fundación MAPFRE we purchase and supply masks and gloves to the Secretaria de Estado da Saúde to be delivered to hospitals in Brazil.

Haven't forgotten about the most vulnerable population. With ACNUR, we work to assist the refugee population and the most vulnerable local Brazilian population who are not covered by the regional health system making them very vulnerable to coronavirus infection.