Bruce Davidson

Bruce DavidsonMay 28 to August 28, 2016

Beginning May 28, our Garriga i Nogués de Barcelona Exhibition Hall will host the first retrospective of Bruce Davidson in Spain. Davidson is one of the leading exponents of so-called humanist photography and he is a member of the Magnum agency.

Bruce Davidson began his passionate relationship with photography very early, at the age of 10 when his mother built a darkroom in their home and he began to photograph the streets of his neighborhood. From that moment his work would be characterized by a personal vision of reality which is manifested in his art, not only in the individual images, but also in the effect produced by the reiteration, research and study of themes and characters over time. Because of his personal style together with his interest in the struggles and achievements of the people he photographs, his work provides a unique perspective on the development of twentieth century society, especially in the United States.

The exhibition contemplates a journey through the artist's long career including some of his most famous series, such as Brooklyn Gang, East 100th Street and Time of Change: the Civil Rights Movement as well as his most recent works, Nature of Paris and Nature of Los Angeles.

The Bruce Davidson exhibition and its international itinerary, organized by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with Magnum Photos, has been possible thanks to the support of the TERRA Foundation for American Art.

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A humanist view

The series shown in the exhibition reveal Bruce Davidson's humanist view. People are the center of his photography and the artist presents us with a variety of realities in different countries. Social tensions in England, the Welsh miners, the Brooklyn street gangs, the struggle for human rights in the United States and the harshness of life in Harlem are just some of his subjects. His work reflects an ethical commitment to the harsh realities of the precarious and vulnerable environments in which the daily life of the people photographed unfolds.

Nature in the city

Over the last two decades, Bruce Davidson has focused all his personal work on the theme of nature. However, at the time of Brooklyn Gang, in order to take a break from such emotionally demanding projects, he went out to photograph Central Park. His last two projects, Nature of Paris and Nature of Los Angeles, provide us with a view of the natural and urban spaces shared within these cities. These works were undertaken when the photographer was in his seventies and show the same desire to learn that he had when he was young and still maintains today when working at the Museum of Natural History, close to his home.

Bruce Davidson 

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