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Find out about Fundación MAPFRE

Find out about Fundación MAPFRE Find out about Fundación MAPFRE


At this time of the year, take care to avoid suffering from heat stroke

How to prevent heat stroke

With the high temperatures we’re currently experiencing, you need to take additional precautions to avoid suffering from heat stroke, especially in vehicles. Did you know that with an outside temperature of 39ºC, the inside of a car can reach 70ºC?

Help us to promote our work on preventing childhood accidents in the USA play

We need you. Vote for us

Three and a half minutes is not much time to summarize all the work we do in collaboration with the Boston Children’s Hospital to prevent childhood accidents. But we have achieved it. Vote for the video that we have submitted in order to take part in the Boston Center for Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

Games, activities and fun in a day dedicated to prevention

Come along and meet Madrid's Firefighters

The Madrid City Council Fire Department will leave their stations to tell us about their work and to explain what we should do if a fire breaks out and what we can do to help prevent fires. Come to the Plaza de Felipe II on 28 September.

Do you know some of the precautions that must be taken to avoid suffering a heat stroke?

Listen up, children and adults alike, the onset of summer can bring heatstroke with it

Leaving a child in a car in the sun for a few minutes might seem like a normal thing to do, but with high temperatures outside they could run the risk of suffering from heatstroke. With the arrival of summer, activities we normally do such as running outside at the hottest time of day can become extreme sports. Underestimating the risk of suffering from heatstroke can  have fatal consequences. Learn more, protect yourself and protect others.