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Our objective is to raise enough funds to develop a prototype car seat for children suffering from brittle bone disease. 

This is the first time institutions and associations have worked on a project like this. This pioneering initiative could make many families' lives so much easier, but we need to raise 50,000 euros to make it happen.

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In Spain around 3,000 people suffer from some type of brittle bone disease and many of them are children.

Traveling by car or any other vehicle can have serious consequences for them as they could easily suffer a fracture due to the fragility of their bones. If they already have a fracture then they can't use a standard car seat and it's up to the families to come up with their own way of securely transporting their children and not harming them in any way.

Brittle bone disease

Together we can help the working group we belong to, which comprises with the Spanish Brittle Bone Society (AHUCE), the Madrid Association of Brittle Bone Disease (AMOI), The Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER) and the University Automobile Research Institute (INSIA) and Safedsign - innovation to design a prototype protection system that can be sold to these families.

Help us to help Paula and Lucia travel safely.  

Help us make it to 100%

Help us make it to 100%

We guarantee that all donations will reach their destination. We audit the whole process so you can check up on how and when we reach our goal. 

Together we can achieve so much