Beds, cribs, tray stands. Adapted elements to improve the quality of life for child patients

With your help we can acquire this essential equipment so that their life in hospital can be better. We are counting on you!

Proyect to help the Niño Jesús Hospital ICU Proyect to help the Niño Jesús Hospital ICU

The project to refurbish the Aladina - Juan Casado ICU of the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid is under way. This intensive care unit attends to 800 seriously ill children annually from all over Spain and services 18 of the capital's public hospitals. 

The refurbishment involves improvements such as opening up spaces to natural light, providing the unit with the latest technology and making it more comfortable for families to stay by creating rest areas for parents, adequate bedside seating, and roller blinds to separate beds from one another, making the spaces as intimate, cozy and homely as possible.

We need to collaborate with this refurbishment, and to do that we need you. Fundación MAPFRE would like to contribute to the hospital improvements and to the children who need to spend time there to receive treatment. Our objective is to acquire ten beds for PICU patients, a polytrauma bed, a pediatric crib and a number of special tray stands in order to administer meals to these little ones.

Your contribution is essential.

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The project will be audited and you will be able to verify that your donation has been applied to the cause. Nothing is too little, all the contributions add up.

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