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Find out who will be the beneficiaries of the 1st Call for applications for grants for social entity projects proposed by volunteers

Find out who will be the beneficiaries of the 1st Call for applications for grants for social entity projects proposed by volunteers Find out who will be the beneficiaries of the 1st Call for applications for grants for social entity projects proposed by volunteers play

Last May we asked our volunteers to present projects from small non-profit social entities with a national scope with which they were most involved. The goal was to support the entities voted by the volunteers with a 10,000 euros grant. Not only that, but our volunteers will support these associations in order to help them carry out their goals.

Out of more than 100 entities who submitted projects, 10 of them will receive grants for the following projects:

  • ASOCIACIÓN ADESPI (DGT Canary Islands - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria): Care and support to help improve the independence and labour market inclusion of people with disabilities.
    This project seeks to promote the abilities and competence of its beneficiaries by helping them carry out a pre-employment plan designed especially for them, by focusing on their needs, interests and personal characteristics and that of their families.
  • FUNDACIÓ ESPORTIVA GRAMA (DGT Catalonia/Balearic Islands - Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona): Fundació Esportiva Grama project, much more than just football.
    The goal is to promote the integration of a population of more than 35 nationalities, through inclusive football. Football is a tool for getting young people off the streets and providing them with not only a team and tournaments to play in, but also physiotherapy, a gym and psychological help.
  • FUNDACIÓN ABULENSE (DGT-CENTRO - Avila): Nutrition and physical activities program to help combat aging in people with intellectual disabilities.
    The project seeks to improve the nutrition of people with intellectual disabilities and help them gain healthy eating habits and do regular physical activity in order to prevent premature aging as well as maintaining and controlling the symptoms of these patients as much as possible.
  • ASOCIACIÓN GRUPO ESPIGA (DGT ESTE - Valencia): With a different look.
    The project centers on three areas: the training of volunteers, accompanying people at risk of social exclusion in personal growth and awareness to help bring about their inclusion in society and the development of socially responsible programs and initiatives designed for young children at risk of social exclusion and immigrants.
  • ACCIÓN Y CURA PARA TAY-SACHS (ACTAYS) (DGT MADRID - Madrid): Care and emotional support for families of the pediatric neurology unit at the Niño Jesús Hospital.
    Their goal is to help patients and families of children and adolescents with neurological diseases during the disease process. This initiative provides them with tools for emotional management and support when faced with loss of functions. It provides them with a space for respite and the use of integrative therapy which creates well-being, togetherness and mutual understanding for patients and their families.
  • ASOCIACIÓN INTEGRO (DGT NOROESTE - A Coruña): Resources center Program.
    This project focuses on promoting personal autonomy and independent living for people with physical disabilities who live in rural settings. In order to achieve these goals, the entity seeks to bring information on available resources to these people and therefore make it possible for them to learn and develop skills related to the working world through training.
    This is a project to promote leisure activities for adolescent children with Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity and respite care for their families.
    The goal is to provide families with respite care while supporting people with disabilities so they can enjoy normal leisure activities, helping them to develop their personal autonomy and build social relationships.
  • APASCIDE, Asociación Española de familias de Personas con Sordoceguera (Spanish Association of Families of People with Deafblindness) (DGT SUROESTE - Sevilla): Centro Santa Ángela de la Cruz: vegetable garden for people with deadblindness.
    People with deafblindness suffer from unique communication problems and special needs arising from their difficulties with general perception and understanding, and consequently how they navigate their surroundings. The project aims to help users manage and tend to a vegetable garden, thereby fostering regular work and inclusion, as well as respect and care for the world around us.
  • ASOCIACIÓN ALTAMAR. EDUCACIÓN Y FAMILIA (Altamar Association. Education and Family) (DGT SUR - Malaga): This project promotes the education of children and families at risk of social exclusion.
    The aim is to bring about the social inclusion of disadvantaged children and families from any ethnic background and/or nationality in the Trinidad and El Perchel neighborhoods, through comprehensive education. The goal is to combat academic failure and truancy by encouraging education in values and involving parents and/or teachers in the educational process in order to improve their attitudes.

Our volunteers will support these associations so they can carry out their goals.

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