Safe water for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Your help has been invaluable! Thank you

Safe water for Syrian refugees in Lebanon Safe water for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Thanks to your support, we have managed to ensure that over 140 Syrian families living in the refugee camps of Al-Farah and Ale Askar have access to two liters of drinking water per day.

We have managed to achieve our objective: we have raised the €17,000 we needed, and this is thanks to your support. Thank you.

Over 4.8 million people have been forced to abandon Syria in the wake of the civil war. Many of them have crossed the border to take refuge in Lebanon, a country of 4,400,000 inhabitants, of whom 30% are now refugees. This huge number has had a devastating effect on the country's infrastructures and social services as they simply cannot cope with the pressure.

One of the most serious problems they are facing is the lack of safe water. People are having to drink non-potable water meant for washing and cooking. Moreover, mothers are mixing it with the powdered milk they receive in humanitarian aid packages to feed their children. This is causing a big increase in disease and the people most seriously affected are children.

Their houses are extremely ramshackle which makes them very hot in summer and very cold in winter. They have no mains electricity or running water and families have the absolute minimal privacy. Electricity comes from general power lines to which some families have made rudimentary and very dangerous connections. Their living conditions are very far from being safe and secure.

With the money you have donated we have managed to solve the problem of daily access to drinking water for these 140 families. Thanks to you, they will have clean water for drinking, for babies formula milk and for preventing disease. What is just a simple gesture for us is something that hugely improves the living conditions of these refugees. Without you, this initiative would never have been possible. Thank you so much!