El Pato Amarillo

El Pato Amarillo El Pato Amarillo

Another of the reasons we need you is to support the association El Pato Amarillo (The Yellow Duck). For more than 32 years, this Madrid-based association has worked to give an opportunity to those who have lost all hope. The project began with a group of mothers struggling with the drug dependence of many of their sons and daughters. It was the 80s, and it was a very common problem among young people. As time passed, it became an association for young people that were overcoming this problem, until evolving into what it is today, a great source of support for thousands of families with severe difficulties in obtaining basic necessities.

Currently, and given the precarious situation into which many families have been plunged by the economic crisis, the association El Pato Amarillo offers its assistance to families with few resources and to immigrants who find it hard to make it through until the end of the month. The association El Pato Amarillo provides support to these people by delivering food to more than 600 families in Madrid, as well as clothes, text books and toys for those who need them most. They receive assistance from many of the local neighbors, who give everything they can when they are able to, but they need as much support as possible because as Pilar, the founder of the association confirms, “every day there are more families turning to us for help”.

We at Fundación MAPFRE want and feel duty-bound to support the association El Pato Amarillo, but we can't do it alone. With your donation we could make this project even bigger and contribute so that associations just like the association El Pato Amarillo can continue distributing these essential products and basic necessities to people at risk of social exclusion. We can't stand idly by. Your donation is vital. Become a charitable partner.

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