Hogares para el Futuro

Thanks to over 2000 euros received, women and children from “Hogares para el futuro” could partake of basic necessities and cleaning supplies.

Hogares por el Futuro Hogares por el Futuro

Hogares para el futuro, a project from the Asociación Mundo Justo, devoted to providing a decent home for all mothers with children up to 16 years old at risk of exclusion who fall outside the remit of the State's welfare system.

The “Hogares para el futuro” project aims to offer a decent home to the families of women with children who do not receive state aid, those who have suffered from gender-based violence, single parent families, women who have been evicted or those who do not have sufficient financial resources, in order for them to be able to cope during straitened financial circumstances and be given an opportunity to get back into the labor force and reintegrate into society.

Thanks to the donations received and to the Inter-university Olympics held, we raised over 2000 euros which will be used to purchase hygiene items and basic necessities for these mothers and their children.