Hogares para el Futuro

Homes for the future is a project run by the Mundo Justo Association aimed at providing a decent home for mothers with children up to sixteen years old at risk of social exclusion, those who fall outside the Welfare State network.

Hogares por el Futuro Hogares por el Futuro

The idea behind the “Hogares para el futuro” project is to guarantee accommodation resources for women with children at risk of exclusion, to the point of even losing their homes. That is why, since 2012, and as a consequence of the economic crisis, this program provides a decent home for these families so that they can overcome difficult financial times, benefit from a second chance and reincorporate themselves into society at a social and professional level.


These are women with no state benefits, women who have been victims of gender-based, one-parent families, women who have been evicted or who have insufficient financial resources. The role of the Mundo Justo Association is to provide them with a way out of that situation through personalized treatment that comprehensively covers their requirements and which also meets their health, education and accommodation needs for an unlimited period.

Collobarate so that the Mundo Justo association can continue to provide a second chance to women in need and their children.