Mucho más que comer

The NGO Casa Caridad needs to rely on sufficient funding to continue helping families at risk of social exclusion that include children aged between one and three years old, who attend their education centers every day, completely free of charge, in order to give them a second chance.

Mucho más que comer Mucho más que comer

Casa Caridad is an NGO that has spent 11 years providing a solution to all those families at risk of social exclusion, enabling them to balance work with family life or, if they are unemployed, to actively look for work, at the same time as providing children with a structured and secure educational environment.


Today, Casa Caridad looks after 151 children in its three educational centers, spread throughout Valencia, where they also take breakfast, lunch and dinner. On a weekly basis they also provide the children's family members with a varied diet and diapers;  in addition to offering them teaching and educational content given by social workers, a form a care also provided to the children, but in a parallel way.

If a family is unable to pay water, electricity and gas bills, among other problems, the center also covers these expensesthereby guaranteeing that children never get cold and can rely on basic resources at home.

The project Mucho más que comer (Much more than eating) was started with the intention of improving conditions in the Casa Caridad children's centers and, through this, the conditions of all of the children and their family members. The objective is to obtain the necessary finance to continue helping families and, through the education centers,  improve their school materials, provide them with uniforms, and introduce digital blackboards and extra-curricular activities, given that such things need to be paid for in other centers, something that is beyond the reach of these families.

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