A child's universe

The ADEMPA association is relying on you to renew the material and furniture required by hundreds of children with psychomotor and maturational retardation. No physical condition should affect the possibilities for a child's future.

A child's universe A child's universe

ADEMPA (Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled of Parla) works every day to provide personalized care to all children who inhabit “their own universe”, i.e. those who present psychomotor and maturational retardation and those who live with autism, rare diseases and cerebral palsy.


The Association provides care for over 300 children from newborn up to six years old, who are offered therapies to enhance their abilities along with basic resources such as teaching material, stimulation aids, special furniture they require and the computer equipment needed for their daily and future development.

Parla is one of the poorest municipalities in Spain, and ADEMPA has been unable to renew these materials over the last 10 years, which has also made it impossible for them to take on the needs of more children. Help us to ensure that they can enjoy the same living conditions as any other child, and to achieve the best education possible taking into account their own particular “child universe”. We can all help and become agents for social change in the daily life of each and every one of them.

We need you.