El Patio de los Valientes

El Patio de los Valientes is a project being run by ANDEX in the Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville, with the goal of constructing an outside playground and recreational area to brighten up the lives of youngsters admitted for a stay in the Child Oncology Unit.

El patio de los valientes El patio de los valientes

Every child oncology unit should have a play area designed for little ones  so that they can lead a normal life to suit their age, based around games and fun.


The Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville, through the “Patio de los Valientes” project is looking to us to provide little children with an outside playground for recreation so that they can can keep themselves amused, running about and having fun in an open air space that is fully equipped and safe for them, where they can relax all together, get some fresh air, enjoy a little sunshine, and play whenever they like, just like any other child would do .  

Children deserve to be distracted a little from the reality of being in hospital. Hospitals need to be humanized so that, in the eyes of the children, they appear to be friendlier places. This will prevent them being so aware that they are in a medical center because, during that period, hospital will be their home.

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