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Providing comfort to children and teenagers with cancer

Providing comfort to children and teenagers with cancer Providing comfort to children and teenagers with cancer

“On 14 December 2016 the new Pediatric ICU of the Niño Jesús University Children's Hospital in Madrid was opened. It underwent a complete renovation by modernizing the space and providing new monitoring equipment and specific apparatus for the care and treatment of seriously ill children. This was possible thanks mainly to the generosity of the Aladina Foundation and other contributions from private companies (Cosentino, Fundación MAPFRE). Fundación MAPFRE donated the beds and cribs (14 in total). This donation meant that patients are more comfortable, can access techniques needed for their diagnosis and treatment, are correctly mobilized during their stay in the pediatric ICU as well as when they are transferred in order to undergo complex radiological techniques. The families of these seriously ill children, as well as the staff working in this ICU have told us that this renovated pediatric ICU has improved its techniques, its human side and has made it more comfortable for the patient, family members and staff working there".

Ana Serrano, head of service at the pediatric ICU of the Niño Jesús Hospital, has first hand experience of the needs of children and teenagers with cancer admitted to this hospital. And she knows that battling this disease is not easy for the patient or their family.

Since 2015, the Aladina Foundation has been helping hundreds of people deal with cancer every day. Thanks to its team of professionals, more than 1,500 children and their families receive psychological support at the 12 Spanish hospitals with which it collaborates. The foundation has a team of four psycho-oncologists who provide professional support free-of-charge to the children and their parents and siblings, as well as developing a physical exercise program. Thanks to these volunteers, they also offer emotional and game-oriented support. At Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) we support the Aladina Foundation so that children and their families can find companionship, enjoyment and also comfort.