In Altamar, the effective is the affective

An opportunity for the children of La Trinidad and El Perchel, in Malaga

In Altamar, the effective is the affective In Altamar, the effective is the affective

Altamar. Educación y Familia is a small association that works with children and families at risk of social exclusion and extreme poverty in two central districts of Málaga: La Trinidad and El Perchel through educational programs and attention to basic needs.

It is difficult to believe that just a few meters from El Corte Inglés we would find children who suffer real daily dramas and who, because of their situation, may be condemned to a life on the margins and without opportunities... We began by giving school support to children from these neighborhoods and have gradually grown in programs by detecting the needs of the group we serve: families affected by socio-economic problems, drugs, family breakdown, delinquency, criminality, illiteracy, school failure and absenteeism, emotional and affective problems; families with only a small pension to support themselves and immigrants.

With a team formed by a director, 4 monitors and more than 40 volunteers, every afternoon from Monday to Thursday in a small place given by the Foundation Santa María de la Victoria, we develop our programs in the middle of zone 0: The program includes: snacks, personalized school support, education in values, workshops, family orientation, healthy lifestyle habits, attention to the basic needs of the most needy families, support for children expelled from school, and training and promotion of volunteer work. The atmosphere at Altamar is incredible. The mutual understanding between children and volunteers is truly amazing: emotions, feelings, fighting spirit, perseverance, patience, empathy, fellowship, laughter, good vibes, hope, excitement, mutual aid ... You have to come and experience it, because it is an environment that catches you, one that conveys a sense of home and family.

The children make an effort because they want to come every afternoon, and we are surprised, because here they have to study. Yet they come enthusiastically because they know that we will get the best out of each one of them, that we trust them and make them believe in themselves, that we teach them to dream and to fight to fulfill their dreams. How do we do it? With love and affection. In Altamar, the really effective thing is the affective thing ... love: giving oneself to others is unbeatable.

Our children already dream. They make an effort. They don't want to end up on the street. They have aspirations and they fight for them: hairdresser, policeman, lawyer, midwife, surgeon, teacher... They're all dreams that will come true.

And the parents support them. They didn't have the same luck or the same opportunities but they ask for help. They have our hand, they let themselves be helped and they see their life and their children's lives change course.

We are amazed and overwhelmed by the network of solidarity that is being woven in Altamar by the volunteers and collaborators who have joined our project and made it possible.

In 2019, we were lucky enough to have the help of the Fundación MAPFRE Sé Solidario (Be Charitable). At an economic level it meant a big push since we have very few economic resources. Thanks to this help we were able to attend to children who were on the waiting list. Without MAPFRE's assistance this would not have been possible. On the level of visibility, it has been a dream for us since we lack sufficient means to advertise and make ourselves known. Thanks to you we were able to get beds for two of our children who took turns sleeping on a sofa bed without any springs.

And on a human level you cannot even imagine what you have meant to the whole family at Altamar. THANK YOU from the heart for believing and trusting in our project, for making us feel great and special, for being our motor to continue fighting for and with the children and families of La Trinidad and El Perchel. THANK YOU for your love and the human quality of the whole team at Fundación MAPFRE. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU.