APANID makes many dreams come true

One look can tell you everything

One look can tell you everything One look can tell you everything

Working for EARLY ATTENTION, maintaining our hope, we believe in the possibility of making many dreams come true.

Dreams that come true through the SUPPORT of Fundación MAPFRE that through its program Sé Solidario (Be charitable) gives us the opportunity to make the needs of children with intellectual disabilities visible, in their early stages of life. Thanks to this charitable initiative and collaboration, a much needed complicity has been generated to make our project a reality.

The Association of Parents and Friends of Different Children of Getafe, the Community of Madrid and the National Territory (APANID), was created in 1968 in Getafe, with a clear objective of the ongoing care of people with intellectual disabilities throughout their lives, starting with the APANID Early Attention Centers, where its professionals offer personalized outpatient care through programs including stimulation, speech therapy, physical therapy, psychomotricity and psychotherapy, to children (0-6 years) with special needs, originated by deficiencies or alterations in development, and to their families.

Introducing one of our "little fellow travelers" and his family.

The story we share with the protagonist begins on May 15th 2015. The hero of our story was 15 months old and had a diagnosis that was new to us: Gaucher's disease. We had never had a case with this diagnosis. We took it as a challenge and accepted it enthusiastically.

In the welcome session alone, our hero didnt't make it easy for us "what a tear-jerker! Meanwhile, his mum and dad told us that when they confirmed the diagnosis they were informed that our protagonist had an uncertain prognosis and perhaps a short one.Tough! They left the doctor's office for a walk to take in the news."He's turning a little purple, but the parents seem to be calm," we professionals thought. We looked at the mum and the dad; they were calm and smiling, looking at their son.

Some time later, his mum and dad confessed that they werent´so calm that day. They had set themselves the task of proving to our hero that they were going to be competent at all times. And of course they do. From that first day they accompany him on this journey, all the time, they don't miss a thing! We are a perfectly syncronized team.

Despite that initial prognosis, our hero, with his will to live, has been showing us that he enjoys all the moments he spends with us with his permanent smile, his provocations, his demands if he doesn't get what he wants, his relaxed face and yawning at the stretching of his neck, with his fast crawling that takes him to the team meeting achieving full attention of the team, riding a motorbike, with his walker, recognizing images, and above all, with his look that compensates his manipulation and communication difficulties.

Our proposal: we must take advantage of that look. Thanks to the Fundación MAPFRE Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) program, this will become a reality! We are going to buy an Eye-controlled Visual Communicator.

The hero of our story is very generous and has agreed to help us in the implementation of this project by opening a path for other protagonists who will arrive when he and his family at a "senior school" where they will continue this beautiful story that began in the APANID Early Care Center.