At Casa Caridad I found the security I had lost

The goal of this place of refuge is to ensure that nobody lives in exclusion

At Casa Caridad I found the security I had lost At Casa Caridad I found the security I had lost play

“With a backpack on, I walked and walked until I reached Casa Caridad. It was my first day and I didn't know what would become of me, I only knew that my life was going to change from that moment on. I went to the room in the hostel that I had been assigned, I showered and I sorted out all my belongings before going out and taking a look around the place that would become my home for quite some time.

I adapted quicker than I thought I would. Every day the radio came on at 7 in the morning and we would get ready and go downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast we would take part in a workshop on one topic or another, although I always enjoyed Thursdays best because we would find out what was going on in the world by reading all the newspapers and discussing the latest news. Although the employment and housing workshops were probably the most useful for us. They would give us advice and help us look for a place to live and find employment.

We would have lunch at 1pm and dinner at 8.30pm. Between meals I rehearsed the stage play we were preparing, until 10pm, at which point everyone would go to bed. A feeling of tranquility invaded every room. That was how, over time, I found in Casa Caridad the security I had lost”.

This is the story of Ascensión, who arrived at Casa Caridad at a very difficult time in her life in 2015 and where now, after having returned to a "normal" life, she works as a volunteer.

Casa Caridad is a place where you can recover. It is a place where people who have lost all hope can find it again. It is a non-profit organization where people at risk of social exclusion feel welcomed and can receive food and accommodation. In addition, there are three nursery schools and through a personalized service designed by social workers, it provides users with the skills to help them get back into society, such as helping them find employment or accommodation. Casa Caridad covers the basic needs of a number of people thanks to the solidarity of its volunteers and anonymous donors, who are committed to the cause and help out every day. At Casa Caridad you will find tranquility and the strength to start over again. Just like Asunción did. And just like so many other people have done during their 112 years of history.