The NIDO Foundation offers happiness to people with disabilities

Together with those most in need

The NIDO Foundation offers happiness to people with disabilities The NIDO Foundation offers happiness to people with disabilities

"Until Governmental organizations fulfill their social commitments, the participation of major companies like Fundación MAPFRE is sorely needed for the survival of those most in need. However, it is not just a question of money, although that is certainly an essential factor, but it is down to another less tangible element which is just as important as the financial one: the strength it gives us all to continue fighting, the fact that so many people take part voluntarily and see for themselves what our daily life is like.

Solidarity is the basis of coexistence and the necessary complement to justice; in this sense, having taken part in the Fundación MAPFRE Be Charitable program and the connections that a lot of you have established with our young people, it is such a good example to follow and, as I have said before, a real boost for us because your contribution makes us see that the world, in spite of everything, can be more beautiful and more just.

We want to thank you on behalf of our children and we trust that this will become “the start of a wonderful friendship”.

The main goal of the Nido Foundation is to help improve and avoid any decline in health, and to boost the well-being and happiness of people with disabilities and especially those with cerebral palsy. In addition, they offer help, assistance and guidance to their family circle.

We are united to this association by the common belief that all people with disabilities deserve to receive the same level of care, despite their physical condition or mental or intellectual state. With our desire to make this possible, through Be Charitable a donation was made which went to improve the specialized centre of this association that accommodates more than 20 people with severe cerebral palsy. The Nido Foundation's words of gratitude are for all of you.