All children have the right to a future

Professionals dedicated to improving the life of children with their own “special universe”

Professionals dedicated to improving the life of children with their own 'special universe' Professionals dedicated to improving the life of children with their own 'special universe' play

ADEMPA has been working with families for 38 years and it is great to know that when the families no longer need our services they still keep us in their hearts.

“We can tell you about the case of, let's call her María José. This young girl was with us for a number of years, first receiving stimulation and then seeing a speech therapist; we worked with her for until she was 14 years old, roughly. She had academic learning difficulties, she was not strong at reading and writing, but she was very enthusiastic about trying to fit in in the classroom. When her family situation changed (her parents separated) and she was looked after by her mother she had to leave the treatment because her mother had to go out to work. She is now a 33 year old young woman who has returned to ADEMPA, this time with her young child. She and her mother were worried about the child's development. When they were with the social worker they said the following: “Ana, we had no idea where to go, we have only come here because we trust your advice; we want to know what Lorena needs in order for things to go well for her and so that she doesn't have to go through what I did." We have been working with her child for the last year and a half; she is slowly progressing and both of them seem very pleased because they have come to this center of theirs, a place they feel at home".

María José and her daughter Lorena's case is certainly not out of the ordinary. Many children live in a “special universe” and ADEMPA (Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled people in Parla) work day in day out to offer them an individually designed service.

The Association works with more than 300 children from birth up to 6 years old who are suffering from psychomotor and maturational retardation, autism, rare diseases or cerebral palsy. The Association offers therapies to help boost their abilities together with basic resources such as teaching materials, stimulation materials, specific furniture for their needs and IT materials to help them in their daily and future development.

At Be Charitable we support ADEMPA so they can get more of the materials and furniture required by hundreds of children with psychomotor and maturational retardation. Together we can help Lorena and many other children like her to make the best of their abilities in order to live full and independent lives.