Nuria Mediavilla

The voice of Angelina Jolie gives a voice to the association El Pato Amarillo

Nuria Mediavilla Nuria Mediavilla play

Despite every effort, thousands of people and families live below the poverty line. Nuria Mediavilla is gifting her voice to the association El Pato Amarillo, a small organization which, on a monthly basis delivers basic necessities such as food and clothing to more than 600 families with no resources.

Through our initiative 'Voces del Alma', we at Fundación MAPFRE want to give a voice to all those organizations most in need of one such as the association El Pato Amarillo.

Collaborate with us. Nobody should be without the basic necessities: a toothbrush, soap, towels and blankets, toilet rolls, the necessary ingredients for making a decent meal, clothes for young and old alike. These are all products beyond the reach of many and yet, nevertheless, essential.

Help thousands of people to have access to a decent life. Become their fairy godmother.

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