Antonio Núñez Tovar

First Vice-Chairman of Fundación MAPFRE

Antonio Núñez Tovar

Personal details:
Name and surnames:Antonio NúñezTovar.
Date and place of birth: 18 July 1953 in Cáceres.

Graduated in Economics and Business Sciences from Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.

Chief positions:
First Vice-Chairman of MAPFRE.
Corporate Managing Director of Resources ofMAPFRE (since 2005).
Member of the Board of Trustees of Fundación MAPFRE (since 2012).

Previous positions:
Vice-Chairman of the Human Resources Unit of MAPFRE (2004 to 2005).
Managing Director of MAPFRE AMÉRICA (1999 to 2004).
Deputy Managing Director of MAPFRE AMÉRICA (1997 to 1999).
Audit Manager of CORPORACIÓN MAPFRE (1992 to 1997).