José Manuel Inchausti

CEO of the IBERIA Regional Area

José Manuel Inchausti

Personal details:
Name and surnames: Jose Manuel Inchausti Pérez.
Date and place of birth: 22 September 1964 in Madrid.

Graduated in Law (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Chief positions:
CEO of the IBERIA Regional Area (from January 2015).

Previous positions:
Managing Director of the Business Support Area (from January 2014 to December 2014).
Managing Director of Technologies and Procedures (2007-2013).
Territorial Managing Director of Catalonia (2005-2006).
Manager of Catalonia Subcentral 1 (2002-2004).
Chairman of MAPFRE COLOMBIA (2000-2002).
Managing Director of MAPFRE SEGUROS GENERALES COLOMBIA (1999-2000).
Director of Operations of VERA CRUZ VIDA E PREVIDENCIA BRASIL (1996-1999).