Insurance and Social Protection

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Insurance and Social Protection Insurance and Social Protection

Your peace of mind, our objective

Insurance is a basic tool in today's social structure. This is why our aim is to promote and spread its knowledge, and develop research on issues concerning insurance and social protection. We believe that insurance provides people with protection and peace of mind, hence the importance of informing and raising awareness of its social function and its important role in the economy.

We devote our efforts and resources to go ahead with the task of dissemination, hence returning to society part of the benefits obtained from insurance activities.

A global project

Our activities have achieved considerable international scope and we are now present in more than 11 countries in collaboration with different organizations: universities, professional and business associations, public authorities and third sector institutions. Our actions receive considerable recognition, primarily in Spain and Latin America.

Committed to insurance knowledge

Every year we award research grants to provide financial support to those who wish to develop research projects in our field. We publish regular reports and pamphlets on different areas of insurance and social protection.

Our commitment to knowledge is also evident in a specialized Documentation Center which provides the public with a web catalog of more than 142,000 references and the “FM Library" app which is both functional and intuitive and can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play.

The MAPFRE Insurance Dictionary registered in its online edition over 130,000 searches a year on its entries It is also planned to launch the Brazilian version this year.

Since 1989, we have been carrying out specific training in insurance and risk management at various educational levels: graduate, postgraduate, professional and the general public. Today, we are directing our educational efforts at society in general, with a particular focus on schools.

Insurance and Social Protection

According to the Foundation's report “The Social Perception of Insurance”, more than 56% of citizens agree that it is important that schools provide instruction on insurance matters.

With a view to the training of high school teachers, we have developed a free course on “Insurance Education at School” through our virtual campus, which has already been viewed by more than 600 teachers. This training will also be available through the UNED Abierta platform in 2017.

We have created PLAYPENSION, a board game aimed at young people, to teach them the benefits of saving and managing finances throughout their lives.

In universities, business schools and institutions related to the insurance sector we teach the business strategy game bugaMAP, which every year reaches more than a thousand participants in different countries.In 2015, this specialized training program received the gold insignia from Universidad de León.

In collaboration with other universities and institutions, we also organize technical seminars and webinars which have been attended by more than 2,000 participants.

Each year we grant scholarships to graduate students to enable them to undertake specialized insurance studies in Spain.

We promote an insurance culture

We organize workshops for schoolchildren in which we teach them about insurance and its purpose. This activity mainly takes place in Spain and Mexico. We also have an area at the Museo Interactivo de Economía (Interactive Economics Museum) of Mexico.

The Seguros y Pensiones para Todos, project (Insurance and Pensions for All), transmits insurance knowledge to society, in simple, clear and direct language. Through this project we offer free, basic courses about the broader aspects of insurance in an entertaining and accessible way. Seguros y Pensiones para Todos records 316,000 visits a year.

We publish free, informative guides which provide information on different aspects of risk, forecasts and insurance: the Guide to the Protection of Small Businesses advises companies on how to protect themselves against the uncertainties of everyday life; the Guide for Your Family Protection helps people to protect their family assets and their loved ones, and the Guide to Retirement Planning shows people how to find out when they can retire, explains the factors that can affect future state pension provision, and considers the solutions for private social protection.

This year we are starting up a Gamification platform applied to disseminating insurance culture in schools. The aim is to provide teachers with an online tool, to enable them to work on risk, insurance and protection, with a game component.

To undertake this dissemination, we also have apermanent exhibition at the Museo del Seguro (Insurance Museum and also a virtual exhibition. This runs through the history of insurance from its beginnings to today, with guided tours for groups with prior reservation.