Grants for recruitment

We facilitate access to the labor market

Grants for recruitment Grants for recruitment

We are committed to people's welfare and social progress. From that commitment, the Social Employment Program of Fundación MAPFRE is born. We are aware that work helps to foster people´s development and integration in society. Through our grants for recruitment programs we aim to foster employment, facilitating access to the labor market for the unemployed, with a particular emphasis on people with intellectual disabilities, and helping small enterprises to recruit new staff.

Grants for employment

Grants for employment

Our objectives are to improve unemployed people´s access to the labor market and to help SMEs, self-employed professionals and social entities to recruit talented staff. We have a range of 400 grants for recruiting people who are officially unemployed. Apply for yours now!

The objective of the Together We Can program is to boost the integration of people with intellectual disabilities in the labor market.

Together We Can

We bring together unemployed people with intellectual disabilities and the different companies on the program so the former can do work experience placements at the latter with the possibility of joining the company at a later date. Find out more and get a job.