Conditions and selection criteria for Social Innovation Awards

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Bases and selection criteria Bases and selection criteria

Who can present submissions?

Any projects that fall within the community of social innovation in general, students from universities and business schools, scientists, researchers and university teaching staff, as well as entrepreneurs with an innovative idea. Each project submitted to the selection criteria must fall into at least one of the following three categories:

  1. Improvements in health and digital technology (e-Health).
  2. Insurtech innovation in insurance.
  3. Mobility and road safety.

They must also:

  • Include at least one team member who is working full-time on the project.
  • Have at least one prototype/pilot test of a social innovation idea that includes user participation.
  • The projects submitted, not the organization to which they belong, must not receive any type of income above €150,000 per year (including donations, public contributions or billings if any).

Selection criteria

The projects submitted will be assessed according to the following selection criteria:

  1. The potential for social impact in one of the three award categories.
  2. The innovation represented by the project submitted for the competition and the arguments that demonstrate its value in order to become a reality.
  3. Viability of the projects, both in technical and economic/organizational terms.
  4. Ability and experience of the team to be able to carry out the proposal submitted.
  5. Maturity of the idea, demonstrated by the results of the initial trials/pilot tests.
  6. Associated legal aspects: Any projects with doubts regarding their legal standing will be excluded.