A european road safety space

Can an efficient, ecological and safe European transport be achieved?

A european road safety space A european road safety space

The EU's research funding program Horizon 2020 includes an amount set aside for research into achieving a European transport system that is efficient in its use of resourcesrespectful of the climate and the environmentsafe and perfect to the benefit of citizens, the economy and society alike.

In this respect, in the article “Road Safety Research”, Maria-Cristina Marolda of the department of innovation and research at DG MOVE tells us about the current situation with regard to road safety research.

The bulletin also presents a number of initiatives promoted by the EC directed at increasing road safety. The SAFETY CUBE project is making an exhaustive analysis of the factors that cause accidents combined with new data about the efficiency and profitability of safety measures, not only in relation to fatalities but also to the total number of people injured. The objective of the PROSPECT project is to provide a better understanding of accidents involving vulnerable users of public highways and to develop, demonstrate and assess innovative and proactive systems to protect them. The SENIORS project is concerned with improving the safe mobility of elderly people, including those who are obese, thanks to an integrated approach to the main forms of transport and other specific aspects of this group of vulnerable road users. And there is also room for cyclists with the XCYCLE project which is developing safety systems to protect them. These include active and passive detection, systems that inform both drivers and cyclists of potential risks at intersections, new and efficient ways to present information within vehicles and on-site collaboration systems aimed at reducing collisions with cyclists.